Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy International Women's Day!

I'm a few days late of posting something in regards to International Women's Day, but I guess it's allright as I have had a lot of time to ponder about how I celebrated that day. On IWD, the Chaldean Women's Association took part in the Celebration of Women Under One Roof at the University of Windsor. We had an interactive display board where individuals could read this blog, look at some literature and ask questions about the purpose and goals of our group. I felt that the day was a huge success! Our group was able to get our name out there and because there were so many other community groups as well, we were able to take part in discussing different issues that affected us, and what issues they would like to see discussed on our blog.

This year, the theme for IWD was "equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women." This theme could not have been more prevalent and alive on this day. There were many groups that inspired me to see that our community is doing so much for women who require educational skills to land them a job in order be removed from living under the poverty line. The groups that I found to be interesting were the Women's Enterprise Skills Training, and Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women. These groups not only provide the neccesary skills and resources for women in our community, but they constantly stress the importance of knowledge and education for women all over the world. These two groups emphasize that women's work is so valuable in our society, and because there is a constant demand for more knowledge and education within the workforce, these two communities take pride in developing innovative ideas that can help women grow, thus, empowering our Windsor community as a whole.

Last year, I took a course titled, "Women, Knowledge and Reality" and it showed us the different ways that knowledge is attained by women, and the types of knowledge that women feel are important to gain in order to advance in their society. By becoming focused on different cultures and how their forms of knowledge are attained, we can understand how different women learn, and their different learning styles. Education is so important and crucial for women who immigrant to Canada, and any organization that can help to enrich the lives of not just immigrant women, but all women in Canada is definitely doing it's part to strengthen the lives of women.

Here are the links to the organizations that I listed above.
Windsor Women Working for Immigrant Women:
Windsor Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor:

CWA: Flyers and brouchers

Key Moment's throghtout the event!!!